How to Read This Report

This report provides a concise summary of strategy group recommendations in four focus areas:

Links in each section allow readers to access supporting material from strategy group reports (the “narrative”) detailing each group’s research process, findings, stakeholder engagement, and conclusions.

The primary goal set by the Strategic Planning Steering Committee in its Charge to Strategy Groups appears at the beginning of each report.

Strategic goals within each focus area are numbered to facilitate reference only. The numbering does not imply priority.

Each objective is identified first by the goal with which it is aligned and second by a number representing sequence. For example, the objective designated 1.1 is the first objective under the first goal in the focus area.

Measures of success are indicated in italics following each objective. The measures of success are designed to be indicators of our progress and should not be confused with the goals. Measures are not ends in themselves. Goals remain paramount, and whether they are achieved will require holistic consideration beyond any particular measure.

A dashboard has been developed to track progress on university commitments and investments toward strategic planning goals and supporting objectives.

The Glossary expands upon several key terms used throughout the report.


An important note about language: “student” or “students” should be read as inclusive of all UMBC students.  Recommendations related to a particular group of students, such as undergraduate or graduate students, are noted as such.