Meeting Minutes

January 28, 2015 – Meeting Minutes

Foundations Work Group reviewed the process used to identify opportunities and pain points associated with foundation elements including facilities, funding, information technology, sustainability, and people.

Steering committee members participated in small group discussions with the co-chairs of each strategy group to share observations and thoughts on their work to date and offer guidance on next steps.

The group discussed the elements of the draft final report that will be shared at the 2015 University Retreat for campus feedback. A straw format was presented that centered on inclusion of a one- or two-page succinct summary of recommendations from each strategy group for easy accessibility and tracking.


May 19, 2014 – Meeting Minutes

Steering Committee members reported highlights of discussions held with shared governance and other groups on campus related to the draft vision statements.

Feedback from the campus discussions throughout 2014 informed creation of revised vision statements presented to the Steering Committee. Members shared thoughts on the three revised statements and how they compared with original drafts presented during the spring campus meetings.

Strategy group co-chairs for The Student Experience, Innovative Curriculum and Pedagogy, Research, Scholarship, Creative Achievement, and Community and Extended Connection presented draft work plans, highlighting how the research questions developed through steering committee collaboration will drive further conversation and strategy group work.

A draft plan for the upcoming fall University Retreat was presented to the group.


April 14, 2014 – Meeting Minutes

Steering Committee members reported highlights of discussions held with shared governance and other groups on campus.

The UMBC Middle States Steering Committee led conversation about the University’s Middles States Self-Study, a process to determine how well UMBC educational programs and services accomplish the University’s goals and meet the Middle States Commission standards as part of the requirements for reaccreditation.


March 26, 2014 – Meeting Minutes

Steering Committee members reviewed the vision and values process, identifying the importance of the feedback and recommendations from past campus dialogue, including the campus survey, discussions during the University Retreat and campus conversations throughout the fall.

Using data from the strategic planning survey and 2013 University Retreat, committee members reviewed core campus values raised in conversation and feedback from campus community.


December 3, 2013 – Meeting Minutes

Steering Committee members reported highlights of discussions held with governance and other groups on campus.

Commonality across campus conversations shared by the steering committee helped the group identify the need for focusing on a small number of areas. The Provost proposed that the Steering Committee consider establishing Strategy Groups focused on five areas:

  • The Student Experience
  • Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity
  • Innovative Curriculum and Pedagogy
  • Extended Connection and Engagement
  • Infrastructure

Small groups presented rough draft Strategy Group charges for several emerging focus areas.


November 20, 2013 – Meeting Minutes

Steering Committee members reported highlights of discussions held with governance and other groups on campus.

The group then discussed a draft of suggested uniform charges for Strategy Groups. Highlights of the conversations included the role of senior advisors in Strategy Groups. Provost Rous asked the group to consider additional areas that would be most important for focus outside of the three proposed focus areas identified through ongoing campus conversations.


November 5, 2013 – Meeting Minutes

The University of Maryland, Baltimore presented a walkthrough of its strategic planning process to the Strategic Planning Steering Committee, providing the group with insights into the effectiveness of inclusion, measurables and the necessity of environmental scans.

Following the presentation, members of the Steering Committee who facilitated campus engagement discussions about vision language and focus areas under consideration provided brief reports on the discussions.


August 21, 2013 – Meeting Minutes (Inaugural Meeting)

Following the University Retreat, the Strategic Planning Steering Committee members met for the first time to begin the planning process by discussing the campus vision and values and identifying the drivers of success that will inform the planning focus areas.

Provost Rous outlined the roles of the planning leadership groups—or Agents of Responsibility—entrusted to carry out a planning process that is inclusive and transparent. Steering committee members will be charged with engaging stakeholders, communicating activities and progress of the committee and strategy groups, and determining the focus areas. Members of the Council of Deans and Vice Presidents will act as executive sponsors of the planning process, facilitating communication about planning activities across campus and providing information and expertise, as needed. For a more detailed summary of the inaugural Strategic Planning Steering Committee meeting, please review the meeting minutes.