The Foundations Work Group

The Foundations Work Group will review five key foundational areas in order to determine how we continue to build a successful future for UMBC. The key areas are: people, resources, facilities, technology/business practices and environmental sustainability. A review of the current status of each area will help assess history, strengths, “pain points” and opportunities.

Preliminary List of Background Information the Foundations Work Group hopes to be able to provide by July 1, 2014:


  • SGAP Report, last 5 annual submissions
  • NSF Survey of Research Space, last 3 bi-annual reports
  • Parking Inventory
  • 2008 Parking Planning Study
  • 2008 Housing Planning Study
  • 2009 Facilities Master Plan Update
  • 2010 Space Report (includes Peer Comparisons)
  • 2008 APPA Survey
  • 2013 University Retreat Posters: Capital Budget and Campus Development
  • Comparison of average annual capital funding and enrollment for Maryland higher ed institutions
  • Capital budget request, last 5 years (?) or just this year


  • Comparison to peers (funding guidelines)
  • State Support/auxiliary/self-support/sponsored programs
  • Revenue/expenditures trends/projections
  • PPP funding possibilities
  • Fundraising opportunities

Information Technology

  • IT Restructuring Report and subsequent updates
  • EDUCAUSE core data/peer comparisons
  • Future trends

Investing in People

  • Current investments in people
  • Wellness
  • Professional Development and Training
  • Why is UMBC a great place to work
  • Shared services initiative


  • 2009 Climate Action Plan
  • Greenhouse Gas Inventory – 2007 to 2013
  • 2013 BOR status report on each USM campus
  • 2014 Climate Action Plan Update



Lynne Schaefer, Chair
Vice President, Administration and Finance


Dorothy Caplan
Executive Administrative Assistant, College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences
President, Non-Exempt Staff Senate

Philip Farabaugh
Professor and Chair, Biological Sciences

Tanvi Gadhia
Environmental Sustainability Coordinator

Laila Shishineh
Past President, Professional Staff Senate
Assistant Director, First Year Experience

Julianne Simpson
Assistant Director, Facilities Planning

Jack Suess
Vice President, Information Technology

Valerie Thomas
Associate Vice President, Human Resources

Charlene Uhl
Director, Budget/Resource Analysis

Bruce Walz
Chair, Academic Planning and Budget Committee
Professor and Chair, Emergency Health Services