The Student Experience

Primary goal: Create vibrant, exceptional, and comprehensive undergraduate and graduate student experiences that integrate in and out of classroom learning to prepare graduates for meaningful careers and civic and personal lives.

Research Questions

  • What roles do safety, sense of community and belonging, and campus pride play in students’ experiences?
  • What are the student experiences that influence preparation for the lifespan and the careers of undergraduate and graduate students? What roles do civic agency, academic support, health, and fitness play in this preparation?
  • What is the current compositional diversity of UMBC? What is the impact of UMBC’s compositional diversity and multiculturalism on undergraduate and graduate student experiences?
  • What are the experiences that influence students’ learning about culture and preparation for participation in global citizenship?
  • What are the experiences of undergraduate and graduate students with interactions, delivery of service and care of campus offices, units, departments, faculty, and staff?
  • How does faculty and staff infrastructure impact student experiences?



Devin Hagerty
Professor, Political Science

Kim Leisey
Associate Vice President, Student Affairs


Ken Baron
Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Advising, Academic and Pre-Professional Advising

Craig Berger
Coordinator of Student Life for Campus and Civic Engagement

Jessica Carrick, ’10
Alumni Representative

Tanvi Gadhia, ‘09
Environmental Sustainability Coordinator

Keith Harmon
Director, Meyerhoff Scholars Program

Bruce Herman
Director, Counseling Center

Romy Hubler, ’09, ’11
Vice President, Graduate Student Association

William Klotz, ‘14
Alumni Representative

Tahira Mahdi, ’10,’14
Graduate Student

Michael Moubarek, ’14
Undergraduate Student

Neil Rothman
Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering

Christine Routzahn
Director, Career Center

Anne Rubin
Associate Professor of History
[on sabbatical, Fall 2014]

Bryan Wilkinson ’09
Graduate Student

Ae Lim (Ally) Yang ’17
Undergraduate Student

Senior Advisor

Nancy Young
Vice President, Student Affairs


Dale Bittinger
Assistant Vice Provost, Undergraduate Admissions and Orientation

Jessica Hammond
Sr. Associate Athletic Director/SWA for Academic Services for Student-Athletes

B. Collier Jones
Campus Portal Architect, Information Technology

C. Jill Randles
Assistant Vice Provost and Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Education

Brian Souders
Associate Director, International Education Services