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Moving Forward

The adoption of our new strategic plan represents a good opportunity to reaffirm and expand our principles and guidelines for establishing priorities and making important decisions that are aligned with our new plan. It is also important to assure that our principles are aligned with our Strategic Focus Areas and connect directly with the recommendations in our new strategic plan.

At the highest level, we remain committed to the two guiding principles we have articulated in the past. First, we will protect and maintain the strength of our academic program, building on successes and addressing ongoing challenges. Second, we will support the members of our community. UMBC is a community that cares about people, and we will continue to support them as a core value in implementing the strategic plan. We will also be guided by our new Vision Statement:

The following provides more specific guidance on these principles, as well as a number of additional considerations to support our decision-making.

1. Core Academic Mission and Outcomes:

  • Focus on the strength of the faculty, and respond where needed, to maintain and increase the quality of both undergraduate and graduate education.
  • Maintain support for students, and continue to focus on student success, including improving retention and graduation rates.
  • Increase excellence in research, scholarship and creative activity by growing UMBC’s research portfolio.
  • We will place priority on building on our strengths and on our past investments, recognizing that we are headed in the right direction.

2. Support the Members of our Community and Honor Everyone’s Potential:

  • Continue to make UMBC a “people place” where students, faculty, and staff know that they are central to the mission and that the institution cares about them.
  • Support and engage all members of the UMBC community throughout this process.
  • Continue to make progress in creating a more diverse, inclusive and cohesive community of students, faculty, and staff, where people from every background and identity are welcome and supported.
  • Anticipate and prepare for disruptions in higher education and to UMBC.

3. Enhance Financial Strength to Provide Resources Necessary to Pursue Strategic Priorities:

  • Aggressively pursue potential sources of new and additional revenue.
  • Promote strategic enrollment growth and programs that will enhance the University’s ability to recruit and retain students, and strengthen its financial position.
  • Participate fully in Efficiency and Effectiveness efforts, both within our campus boundaries and as part of the multiinstitution USM initiative.
  • Invest in the infrastructure needed to expand financial support from alumni, friends, business partners and others, to assure a successful comprehensive campaign.

4. Focus on What Needs to Happen First

  • In order to build a strong foundation upon which to build in the future, make sure the basics are being done well, and develop resources needed for investment in strategic priorities.
  • Identify any quick, easy and inexpensive strategic recommendations that can be pursued immediately.
  • Determine the feasibility of new initiatives, both programmatic and financial and develop multiyear plans and the means of assessment for actions, investments and revenue generation to be pursued in both the short and long terms.
  • It is imperative that we continue to develop our analytical and data capabilities to support complex, evidencebased, decision making.

5. Link to Our Past and Look Outside the Campus Boundaries

  • We will build on UMBC’s reputation for responsiveness to the needs of Greater Baltimore and the State of Maryland through strengthened partnerships, leveraging our time, talents and resources to help build a sustainable region.
  • We must continue to build strong relations with alumni and other friends of the University for our mutual benefit.